Ohio Social Security Attorneys

Our Ohio Social Security Attorneys handle SSI and SSDI claims and appeals for clients throughout the state of Ohio. Social Security issues can be very complex and often confusing. Both SSI and SSDI programs are designed to provide economical benefits to those eligible to receive them.

All too often those who should rightfully receive SSI or SSDI benefits meet with unnecessary barriers that prevent them from getting the benefits they deserve. An experienced attorney can ensure your case is rightfully represented and assist you in obtaining your benefits much quicker.

Contact one of our expert SSI / SSDI attorneys today to obtain the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Ohio Social Security Lawyers

We have Social Security lawyers in the following cities to help file your Social Security disability claim in Ohio to get you the benefits you deserve:

Bowling Green
Grove City
West Chester

To schedule a consultation with a Social Security lawyer in your city, call (800) 248-1100 today.

Ohio Low Cost Housing Resources

Waiting for Social Security Disability benefits can be a lengthy and difficult process. Our disability lawyers provide a list of shelters in Ohio in case you find yourself unable to pay for food or shelter, and you need assistance.

ACCESS, Inc. -- Akron, OH
Akron, OH
phone: 330-535-2999, fax: 330-535-0008
An emergency shelter serving women and their children. ? Balanced, nutritious meals. ? Supportive services including case management and referrals to appropriate agencies. ? Children's programming.

Because He Cares Ministries Inc -- Akron, OH
1340 East Ave
Akron, OH 44037
phone: 330-762-8884

Haven of Rest Ministries -- Akron, OH
175 East Market STreet
Akron, OH
phone: 330-535-1563, fax: 330-535-8917

Adams County Shelter for the Homeless, Inc. -- Blue Creek, OH
8990 Blue Creek Rd
Blue Creek, OH 45616
phone: 937-544-8164, fax: 937-544-8520

Sanctuary of Williams County Shelter -- Bryan, OH
210 South Main Street
Bryan, OH 43506
phone: 419-636-2460

Drop Inn Center Shelterhouse -- Cincinnati, OH
217 W. 12th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45212
phone: 513-721-0643, fax: 513-455-5045
Homeless shelter serves the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. located at the corner of 12th St. and Elm St we strive to provide essential services to people experiencing homelessness with the goal moving people from homelessness to housing.

City Mission -- Cleveland, OH
5310 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103-4360
phone: 216-431-3510, fax: 216-431-3513
Features faith-based programs that recognize the value of every human being as a unique creation of God. Offers transitional and emergency housing for single individuals and for families.

Templum House -- Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH 44101
phone: 216-651-8484, fax: 216-651-8575
Hotline: 216-631-2275

Open Shelter, Inc. -- Columbus, OH
125 E Broad St
Columbus, OH 43215
phone: 614-461-0407, fax: 614-461-1397
24-hour emergency walk-in shelter . The Open Shelter provides, directly or by referral, emergency shelter and assistance for homeless and marginally housed persons in Central Ohio, especially the most vulnerable among them; and to provide directly or by.

Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission -- Defiance, OH
1933 E 2nd Street
Defiance, OH 43512
phone: 419-784-2150, fax: 419-784-4274
NOCAC primarily consists of four major service areas: Emergency Services (Richland Place/PATH Center); Senior Services; Child Development; and Housing & Weatherization.

Hope House Rescue Mission, Inc. -- Middletown, OH
34 S. Main Street
Middletown, OH 45044
phone: 513-423-4673, fax: 513-423-1743
Emergency shelter and transitional housing

Project Hope for the Homeless -- Painesville, OH
25 Freedom Rd
Painesville, OH 44077
phone: 440-354-6417
Ecumenical Shelter Network of Lake County Inc.

Scioto Christian Ministry -- Portsmouth, OH
615 Eighth Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662
phone: 740-353-4085, fax: 740-353-6940

Cherry Street Mission -- Toledo, OH
105 17th Street
Toledo, OH 43624
phone: 419-242-5141

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Metro Toledo -- Toledo, OH
434 Western Avenue
Toledo, OH 43609
phone: 419-242-5166

Well-Help Inc. -- Wellington, OH
127 Park Pl
Wellington, OH 44090
phone: 440-647-2689

Organizacion Civica y Cultural Hispana Americana, Inc. -- Youngstown, OH
3660 Shirley Road
Youngstown, OH 44502
phone: 330-781-1808, fax: 330-781-0885

Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley -- Youngstown, OH
962 M. L. King Blvd
Youngstown, OH 44501
phone: 330-744-5485, fax: 330-744-1420

Ohio Low Cost or No Cost Medical Care Resources

Having complete and accurate medical records is the best way in which you can help your case for Social Security Disability benefits.

If you are having problems affording medical care, the Social Security Help Center can assist you to find No Cost or Low Cost medical care in Ohio.


Cincinnati City Health Dept.
3101 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Phone #: (513) 357-7300
Day/Hrs : Mon.Fri (7:30am.11am & 12:30pm.4pm)

Anderson OB/GYN
Suite 6 7691 Five Mile Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230
Phone #: (513) 624-5550

Cincinnati Health Network, Inc
Suite M-2 400 Oak Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Phone #: (513) 961-0600
Service: Admin Only Dental Care Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Primary Medical Care

Crossroad Health Center
5 East Liberty
Cincinnati, OH 45210
Phone #: (513) 381-2247

East End Health Center
4027 Eastern Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45226
Phone #: (513) 321-2202

Elm Street Health Center
1525 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH 45210
Phone #: (513) 352-3092

Lincoln Heights Healthcare Connection, Inc
1171 Adams Street
Cincinnati, OH 45215-1999
Phone #: (513) 554-4100
Service: Admin/Clinic Enabling Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Other Professional Services, Primary Medical Care

Mount Auburn Health Center, Inc
2415 Auburn Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Phone #: (513) 241-4949
Year round

Mt Healthy Family Practice Center
8146 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45231-2324
Phone #: (513) 522-7500

Pediatrics Suite 150
4357 Ferguson Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45230
Phone #: (513) 753-2820

Walnut Hills/Evanston Health Center
3036 Woodburn Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Phone #: (513) 281-4116

West End Health Center, Inc
1413 Linn Street
Cincinnati, OH 45214-2605
Phone #: (513) 621-2726
Year round

Winton Hills Medical and Health Center, Inc
5275 Winneste Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45232
Phone #: (513) 242-1033


City of Cleveland VD Hotline
1925 St. Claire Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44108
Phone #: (216) 621-2191

Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland
12201 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH
Phone #: (216) 721-1667

Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland
12201 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone #: (216) 721-4010
Day/Hrs : Mon.Fri (5pm.10pm)

Glen Smith Health Center
11100 St. Clair Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44108
Phone #: (216) 249-4100
Day/Hrs : Mon, Tues. & Wed. 8am.11am & 12:30pm.3:00pm Thurs. (11:30am.3:30pm) Fri.8am.11am & 12:30.3pm

Miles Broadway Health Center
9129 Miles Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44105
Phone #: (216) 883-3260
Day/Hrs : Mon.Wed, Fri (8am.12pm), Tue, Thu (1pm.4pm)

Thomas F. McCafferty Health Center
4243 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone #: (216) 651-5005
Day/Hrs : Tue, Thu (hours vary), AIDS: Daily (call)

Collinwood Health Center
15322 St Clair Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44110-3043
Phone #: (216) 851-1500

Neighborhood Health Care, Inc
3569 Ridge Road
Cleveland, OH 44102-5443
Phone #: (216) 281-8945
Service: Admin/Clinic Enabling Services, Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Other Professional Services, Primary Medical Care, Specialty Medical Care

Northeast Ohio Neighborhood (NEON) Health Services, Inc
8300 Hough Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103-4290
Phone #: (216) 231-7700
Service: Admin/Clinic Dental Care Services, Enabling Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Other Professional Services, Primary Medical Care, Specialty Medical Care

Southeast Health Center
13301 Miles Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44105-5500
Phone #: (216) 751-3100

Superior Health Center
12100 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-1444
Phone #: (216) 851-2600


Columbus City Health Dept.
181 S. Washington Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone #: (614) 645-7773
Day/Hrs : Mon.Fri (8am.3:30pm) AIDS: Daily (call)

VD Hotline of Greater Columbus
1515 E. Broad Street C3350
Columbus, OH
Phone #: (614) 253-8581

Billie Brown Jones Health Center
1060 Mount Vernon Avenue
Columbus, OH 43203
Phone #: (614) 645-2999

Columbus Neighborhood Health Center, Inc
600 West Spring Street, Rear 2
Columbus, OH 43215-2327
Phone #: (614) 645-5500
Service: Admin Only Dental Care Services, Enabling Services, Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Obstetrical and Gynecological Care, Other Professional Services, Primary Medical Care

East Central Family Health Center
1180 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43205
Phone #: (614) 645-5535

Franklinton Health Center
75 South Souder Avenue
Columbus, OH 43222
Phone #: (614) 645-1375

Hilltop Health Center
2500 Sullivant Avenue
Columbus, OH 43204
Phone #: (614) 645-2300

John Maloney South Side Health Center
1833 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, OH 43207
Phone #: (614) 645-3163

Northeast Health Center
3433 Agler Road Suite 2800
Columbus, OH 43219-3389
Phone #: (614) 645-1600

St Mark's Health Center
1260 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201
Phone #: (614) 645-8000

St Stephen's Health Center
1500 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone #: (614) 645-2700

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