Why Use Disability Group’s Social Security Lawyers?

Social Security Lawyers at Disability Group, Inc. (DGI) are committed to Social Security Disability and Social Security Income benefits acquisition for clients, in the most efficient fashion possible. DGI’s successful track record can be traced back to the fact that it is a national law firm, focusing exclusively on helping people get the Social Security Disability & Income benefits they deserve. Further that its’ founding principles compel their Social Security Lawyers and staff to treat all clients and applicants with the highest degree of dignity and respect.
Social Security Lawyers at DGI are a team of professional individuals who believe that it is morally wrong that disabled people are forced into homelessness, wrong that those who fall ill due to injury or disease are denied health care when they need it most and have no money to pay for it, and wrong for children to go hungry because a parent or their parents are disabled. Social Security Lawyers at DGI are motivated to make clear that fundamental decency and fairness require that Social Security Administration provides adequate means to keep our contract with people with disabilities.
DGI Social Security Lawyers are well aware that most people are unprepared for the financial disaster that comes from an unexpected disabling condition. And these are people who have worked and paid into the system for years. But applying for Social Security Disability benefits can often be an intimidating and time consuming process. Social Security Lawyers understand exactly how the system works and what it takes to win. They frequently make the difference between winning or not winning the disability benefits and back pay that an individual is entitled to.

To find out if you qualify for social security disability benefits, or to speak with a representative today, call (800) 248-1100 for a free consultation or a free copy of “The Book on Social Security Disability.”