Why Should I Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

By: Disability Group

Navigating the Social Security Disability process by yourself is not easy.  Due to the various rules, deadlines and terminology, it can be a very confusing process.  However, a disability attorney has specialized knowledge in this field and is your best chance at getting your claim awarded, for several reasons.

  1. First, a disability attorney will know the rules and deadlines very well.  Because they handle so many of these types of claims, they know the process inside and out.  They can make sure that your claim does not get dismissed for violating a rule or missing a deadline.
  2.   Aside from knowing all of the rules and how to best navigate the disability benefits process, an attorney is a good resource to have if you want to do something like an ”On the Record” request or a “Dire Need” request. 
    1. An On the Record request is a way to get your claim awarded without a hearing.
    2. A Dire Need request is a way to get your claim processed faster. 

Both of these are something that can be written by an attorney, who knows what the qualifications are, and which rules and laws apply.  Additionally, sometimes judges ask for letters to support an application for benefits called “briefs”. Attorneys write these, using a combination of law, facts and argument to persuade the judge to award your claim.

  1. In addition to knowing the rules and doing the writing, a disability attorney will do the work to gather evidence to support your claim. They will get records from your doctors, file your paperwork and communicate with Social Security on your behalf.  .
  2. And very importantly, a disability attorney will represent you at your hearing.  They will prepare you for the hearing so you know what to expect and will be there to speak to the Administrative Law Judge.  They will do all of the prep work prior to going to hearing and be able to tell the judge why you should be awarded benefits. Also, an experienced disability attorney will become familiar with the judges they interact with the most and will therefore be better prepared on how to present your claim in way that makes a particular judge more likely to award it.

Finally, none of this work will cost you anything unless you win.  Disability attorneys, generally, work on a contingency basis.  This means that they only get paid if you get paid.  And the amount an attorney makes is controlled by Social Security and capped at a certain amount. From knowing the law and the judges, doing the writing and other work on your claim, and representing you at your hearing, an attorney is your best chance to have your claim awarded.