Vets101: A New Resource for Veterans

On November 8, 2012, The World Institute on Disability (WID) launched, a site dedicated to information and free career planning tools for veterans. In the works since 2008, Vets101 is a service made possible with the invaluable collaboration of veterans’ organizations, wounded warriors, veterans with disabilities, and their friends and family.

Vets101 will feature a Navigator Tool which will provide the user with a prioritized list of benefit programs and links to their respective online applications after the veteran submits a short, anonymous survey.  The site also includes a Veterans Benefits and Work Calculator that will estimate how employment will affect benefits such as Veterans Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance.  In addition, there will be articles focusing on employment from over 100 veterans programs; the articles will also have information from the Department of Defense, the VA, SSA, and Medicaid and Medicare regarding disability benefits programs.  As a veteran utilizes the tools and calculator on a regular basis, the offering of articles will become more customized, making the whole experience unique and personal.  Vets101 looks to be an important resource for veterans looking for benefits information, employment and other services.