Top 3 Reasons Individuals Are Denied Social Security benefits

By: Disability Group

A denial from Social Security can be frustrating and disappointing, especially since many individuals are living with the help of others and do not have a stable flow of money to provide for their basic needs. Social Security takes into account many factors when determining disability, and they can deny you for a number of reasons.

The top 3 reasons individuals are denied are:

1)      They do not meet Social Security’s technical requirements. These requirements are specific to the program. For Supplemental Social Security Income; you either exceed the amount of income, resources and assets that are allowed. For Social Security Disability Insurance you do not have sufficient work credits to qualify for these benefits, these credits are determined by work quarters throughout the year and how much you have paid into Social Security through your past work experience. These work credits also have an expiration date; therefore it’s important to apply for Social Security benefits as soon as you can.

2)      Insufficient Medical Records. It is important that for every condition you are claiming disability you are being seen by a doctor and are following the treatment outlined by your doctor. Social Security wants to see that your condition is being treated and if it has an effect on your ability to work. Therefore, although it may be tough to seek medical attention due to the cost of medical coverage there are low-cost facilities that can help you keep your treatment and your medications.

3)      Noncompliance. It is important to treat all of the matters of Social Security as soon as you get them, Social Security takes into consideration your point of view on your conditions and therefore sends you questionnaires on your past work history and what you do throughout your day. They want to know what you deal with everyday, and these questionnaires are a piece to helping them determining disability. Medical records alone are not enough; they want to know how your conditions, illnesses and injuries affect you every day and if they affect your ability to work. Also, individuals do not notify Social Security of any change in their condition, illness, or injury after they apply. It is important to inform Social Security of everything that happens after you have applied, if you see a new provider, you go to the hospital, get a new condition, etc.

Now, you may be thinking I have done all of those and I am still being denied. This is because Social Security wants to see that your condition has worsened and is expected to last more than twelve months. In many situations it is tough to determine if the condition will worsen or get better, each individual body and organism is different. Therefore, since there is not enough information to prove that your condition may worsen or is not expected to get any better Social Security may medically deny your claim. Social Security does allow for you to appeal their decision within 60 days of the date on your denial notice. If an appeal is not done within 60 days you must start from the begging and re-apply for benefits.