Tips on Filing Your Appeal

By Disability Group

If you’ve recently been denied for disability benefits, the next step you must take is to file your appeal. You have 60 days to file your appeal from the date on the denial letter, but it is best to do it as soon as possible so that SSA can start working on your case again. Filing an appeal takes less time than the initial application, but it can still be just as daunting. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you out if you are in the process of getting an appeal filed:

     – Be sure to include ALL of your contact information. Although SSA already has this from when you filed      your initial application, they cannot process the appeal without all of it being restated.

     – Include an alternate contact person who knows your conditions well. SSA may be sending them forms to fill out regarding your impairments.

     – If there have been any changes in any of your conditions, go into as much detail as possible when describing these changes. Are you in more pain, and if so, what aggravates it more now? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? What tasks are harder to do now?

     – This is the same for describing any new limitations or conditions you may have developed, as well as describing your daily activities. The more detail the better!

     – When inputting your doctor information, you must include all the new doctors you have seen since filing your initial application, as well as any new hospitalizations you may have had. Even if you have not seen any new doctors but have just seen your regular doctors, it is still important that you list them and the dates (try to be as exact as possible!) of each recent visit.

     – List all medications you are currently taking and the dosage amount. New medications, old medications- as long as you are taking them, you must put them down.

     – Print or save a copy of the appeal once you have completed it. This way, just in case anything happens, you have a copy of it if needed.

It is important to be as thorough as possible when filing your appeal so that SSA has as much information as possible to work with. If you’re filing an appeal for Reconsideration, it will take roughly 3-5 months for SSA to make another decision. If you’re filing your Hearing appeal, it usually takes anywhere from 12-18 months to have a hearing date set.