Payments That Can Offset Your Potential Disability Benefits

By Disability Group

Many people who apply for disability benefits may already be receiving some sort of monthly aid. If you are wondering what will affect and possibly offset your potential disability payments and back pay, here are your answers:

Workman’s Compensation

Receiving Workman’s Compensation before or during the Social Security process will affect your eventual award amount. This is because you are being paid by a previous employer or federal agency as a result of your disability, and SSDI payments also come from a federal agency.

State Disability

Similarly, receiving State Disability at any point throughout or before the process can offset what you would be awarded. This is because you are already being paid a certain amount by a federal or state agency. Often your local Social Security office will ask for proof of exhaustion of State Disability when you first apply.


Receiving unemployment benefits at any point during the Social Security process will also offset your future payments and back pay because you are being paid federally. It is important to be aware that receiving unemployment while filing for disability is a contradictory statement. You are simultaneously stating that you are actively looking for work while also stating that you are too disabled to work.

Veteran’s Administration Benefits

These benefits will not offset any future disability benefits you are entitled to and those receiving VA Benefits will receive their full Social Security disability allowance.

Food Stamps and Medicaid

Receiving Food Stamps and Medicaid will not affect any part of your disability claim or potential payments. If you are not receiving either, you can apply at any point throughout the disability process if you meet the income and medical requirements for these benefits. For more information, contact your local Social Security Office.