New Features are Available at the My Social Security Website

New enhancements to the my Social Security account website have launched, which allow anyone to conduct business with the Social Security Administration without visiting or calling the SSA. The my Social Security account website provides access to a personalized online account that can be used when you begin working until you collect social security benefits. With the new expansion to the service, you can now access forms, benefit verification letters and payment history and earnings records. The benefit verification letters are used as proof of income when you are looking to obtain a loan.

SSA commissioner, Michael J Astrue said that these new enhancements will allow the SSA to provide faster service to more people all over the country. There were a total of nearly nine million requests for Social Security benefits in 2012 and these new enhancements will reduce the time government employees spend completing these requests. For more information on these changes, you can read the article at the SSA website