Many Disability Claims are Awarded Improperly

Recently an 18 month investigation into the awarding of social security benefits has wrapped up and the conclusion was that the SSA has improperly awarded benefits to over 25% of the cases between 2006 and 2010. The findings of this report claim that this has the potential to cost tax payers millions. Since January 2009 5.9 million Americans were added to the disability program. In 2011, 10.6 million people were receiving more than $128 billion in disability insurance payments. Another finding from this report is that the Social Security Disability Insurance Program and Supplemental Security Income Programs are close to being bankrupt. You can learn more about disability claims being awarded improperly here.

If you are injured, you are entitled to receive the benefits you deserve. You should contact a social security attorney for help with getting the benefits you are entitled to as long as you are disabled and unable to work.