How will a disability lawyer help me?

By Disability Group

If you are applying for disability benefits, you will want to consider hiring a disability lawyer to help you obtain benefits- most only charge you if you are awarded. Here are several reasons why a disability lawyer will greatly assist you:

Help you understand the process. Many people, when applying for disability, feel overwhelmed and intimidated when first considering the steps that must be taken when applying. A disability lawyer will explain the entire process to you, from start to end, and provide you with information on general time frames, award rates and percentages, and answer any questions you have throughout the process.

Speak to Social Security Administration for you. It is normal for people who have applied to receive phone calls from Social Security asking questions regarding their case. A disability lawyer will be the middle man between you and Social Security and relay any information that is needed from SSA to you, and vice versa. If it is necessary that Social Security speak directly to you, your lawyer will let you know about this ahead of time regarding what SSA needs and why.

Make sure there are no delays. The entire disability process already takes months, and often if Social Security is missing information regarding your case, especially initial paperwork, the process can be delayed many unnecessary weeks or even months. A disability lawyer knows exactly what paperwork is required by Social Security to get your case moving and will be sure to submit it all right away. They will also continuously check in with Social Security during the entire process to make sure they are never missing anything else.

Help you with paperwork. The majority of the disability application process consists of many forms to fill out and paperwork to complete, and this can easily get overwhelming and confusing. Having a disability lawyer to explain what each form is for as well as let you know when more forms are coming, and fill out certain forms for you, will ensure everything gets back to SSA in a timely manner and provide you with more clarity regarding your case.

Keep you updated. A disability lawyer will be in continuous contact with Social Security to stay updated with exactly how your case is proceeding, and will in turn keep you updated with what point your case is at. This way, you do not need to attempt to contact Social Security yourself. By staying updated with your claim, your disability lawyer will ensure that everything is proceeding in a timely manner.

Help obtain outstanding medical records. When your case passes on to the disability office after the initial paperwork is completed, requests for medical records will be sent out to all your medical providers. Many doctors comply with these requests right away, but some doctors overlook the requests or do not send in records, and you will not be aware of it. Often, if the disability office does not receive your records within a certain amount of time, they will make a decision without them. Or, having outstanding records will cause your claim to be delayed while Social Security waits for them to come in. A disability lawyer will follow up with the disability office to ensure that all your records have been received. If Social Security is having trouble obtaining any records, your lawyer will contact your doctor themselves to make sure they are sent in.

Have a higher award rate. Nationwide, having a disability lawyer represent you gives you a higher chance of being awarded, especially at the hearing level. This is due to the fact that they will make sure all the necessary evidence is submitted to SSA in a timely manner. Disability lawyers have great expertise in handling disability claims of all types and know the steps that must be taken in order to get you your disability benefits.