How to Strengthen Your Social Security Disability Claim

By: Disability Group

Though the Social Security claims process can be unpredictable and often yields unfavorable outcomes, there are several things a claimant can do to help receive a favorable decision on his or her Social Security Administration claim. Hiring a representative and diligently seeking treatment for your conditions are the biggest things you can do to help your case.  

  1. Having a representative can significantly improve a claimant’s chances, because of their knowledge and understanding of Social Security laws, policies, and paperwork. Representatives can also be helpful advisors, guiding the claimant through the process and suggesting actions in their best interest such as actively seeking medical care.
  2. Going to the doctor regularly can also strengthen a claimant’s disability claim because medical treatment provides the bulk of the evidence Social Security relies on to determine disability. The fuller your medical records are, the clearer your disabilities and limitations become. So it is very important to see a medical professional, seek medical treatment, and comply with all sound prescriptions and recommendations.

Some other helpful things you can do are:

Keep copies of your own medical records: Though Social Security attempts to collect records from you physicians directly, they are not always successful. Having a copy of your records is a great back up to ensure your case has sufficient evidence.

Complete Social Security paperwork thoroughly and accurately: When completing Social Security forms it is important to be detailed and precise. The difference between “I am able to wash the dishes” and “I am able to wash the dishes but need to take several breaks to sit down” can be the difference between a denial and an award.

Comply with all requests made by the Social Security Administration or Disability Determination Services: Often, Social Security schedules meetings for you with their own contracted doctors or other representatives. Missing these appointments frequently results in claims being denied. This is an example of why it is important to keep all paperwork related to your claim organized and available for you to review and act upon if necessary.

Write to your local congressman: In instances of severe hardship or an unusually lengthy claim process, writing your local congressmen can really gain some influential support that will move your process along and get you results sooner.