How to File for a Social Security Disability Claim: Date Last Insured

How to File for a Social Security Disability Claim: Date Last Insured

By: Disability Group

What is it?

Ever come across the phrase “Date Last Insured?” If you have, take notice!  It is one of the most important factors in determining your eligibility!

It is no secret that to be eligible for Title II disability insurance benefits, you have to earn enough work credits over a period of 10 years. Once you stop working, like sand through an hour glass, the clock on those credits begins to run.

Roughly five years after the last day of employment, these work credits will expire. At that point, you no longer are insured.  That day of expiration is known as “date last insured.”

What does this mean for your application?

For starters, you must prove that you were disabled before that date last insured to qualify. If this date falls in the future; you are in the clear! However, when the date last insured is in the past, problems can arise.

  • For example, if your date last insured falls before the last day you worked due to disability, you would be considered uninsured and denied.

Where do I find this information?

The date last insured is normally on your earnings record located in Social Security Administration files. Don’t have those files? Not a problem. The date can be estimated. It is usually five years from the last date you worked.

So contact your local SSA office or make an estimation of your date last insured and see if you qualify today!  Or click here for a free consultation.