Glossary of Social Security Disability Terms

Glossary of Social Security Disability Terms
compiled by John M. FitzGerald

AC – Appeals Council
ADL – Activities of Daily Living
ALJ – Administrative Law Judge
AOD – Alleged Onset Date
CDB – Childhood Disability Benefits
CFR. – Code of Federal Regulations
COLA – Cost of Living Allowance
DAA – Drug and Alcohol Abuse
DDS – Disability Determination Service
DIB – Disability Insurance Benefits
DLI – Date Last Insured
DOT – Dictionary of Occupational Titles
DSM – Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
HALLEX – Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law
ER- Earnings Record
IA – Initial Application
ME – Medical Expert
MIQ- Mental Impairment Questionnaire
MRFC – Mental Residual Functional Capacity
NH – Number Holder (Wage earner)
OASDI – Old Age, Survivor & Disability Insurance (Title II)
ODAR – Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
PAC – Physician’s Assistant Certified
PIA – Primary Insurance Amount
POMS – Programs Operations Manual System
PRFC – Physical Residual Functional Capacity
PRW- Past Relevant Work
QC – Quarters of Coverage
RFC – Residual Functional Capacity
SDI – State Disability Insurance
SGA – Substantial Gainful Activity
SIB – Spouses Insurance Benefits
SSA – Social Security Administration
SSI – Supplemental Security Income, need based benefits, as opposed to DIB
SSR – Social Security Ruling
TWP – Trial Work Period
USC – United States Code
UWA – Unsuccessful Work Attempt
VE – Vocational Expert
WC – Workers’ Compensation
WIB – Widow(ers) Insurance Benefits