Factors That Lead to Disability Benefits Discontinuing

Many individuals ask if there is a chance that their disability benefits will be discontinued in the future even though they were awarded disability benefits. There are instances where an individual can stop receiving the disability benefits they were previously awarded. Keep reading to make sure you are not blindsided if one of these circumstances come to light in your life.

Medical Condition:

One way an individual can have their benefits discontinued is if their medical health improves. As stated in the disability booklet that is sent to all people granted benefits, you must notify them if your health condition changes in any way.  Additionally, the SSA may perform a disability review to ensure an individual still meets the requirements for receiving disability benefits.

Returning to Work:

The most common way that someone has his or her benefits revoked is by returning to work. If you are in the SSDI program and you go back to work, benefits are usually discontinued. There are a few instances where if you do not make enough money at work you can keep getting them, but generally they are rescinded.


It is a law that you cannot receive Social Security benefits for both retirement and disability. When you reach retirement age and receive retirement money, disability benefits are automatically discontinued.


Being arrested and sentenced to jail is another reason disability benefits will stop. The financial assistance may continue when you return home, but in some instances generally involving felonies, the disability compensation will stop altogether. It will vary from case to case.

Turning 18:

When children are granted disability benefits, their case is reassessed when they turn 18. The SSA will carefully look at their current situation and can take away the benefits if they deem that the now-adult does not need financial support anymore.

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