Changes Coming to the Baltimore VA Office

The Baltimore Veteran’s Affairs office is currently the slowest in the country when it comes to processing claims for VA disability benefits. A recent report found that both the error rate and backlog of claims are also the highest in the country. With an error rate of 26.2% and around 16,800 claims that are over 125 days old, something needed to be done to improve the process in Baltimore.  The Baltimore office serves over 450,000 veterans in Maryland, and to help improve this process, a few changes will be taking place.

There will be more training, more senior staff members added, and a new digital processing system which will be implemented sooner than originally planned. This plan was recently outlined by the VA Secretary, Eric K. Shineski and Senator Barbara A. Mikulski.  These changes are good news for anyone living in Baltimore. You can view the entire article here.