Breaking News for Disability and Social Security Benefits

Knowledge is power, so staying up-to-date on recent developments with disability and social security benefits is truly important if it touches you or someone in your life. Therefore, Social Security Law aims to provide you with the latest developments in regards to pending governmental acts, social movements and more. Recent developments include:

The ABLE Act: As noted by the Washington Post, the ABLE Act (Achieving a Better Life Experience) is on the Senate’s agenda this year.  Currently, people with disability on Medicaid cannot earn over a certain amount each month or they are penalized.  In addition to lifting the strict earning limits, it would fund basics like schooling and occupational training, shelter and transportation and doctor’s bills. The aim of this bill is to improve the overall quality of life for the millions of people who will be influenced.

The fight for civil rights: Disability activism groups are taking action to fight for civil rights. When the Civil Rights Summit was held (and even attended by President Obama), subjects like sexism, race, sexuality and immigration were on the docket, but individuals with disabilities were surprisingly absent from the conversation. However, as covered by Lubbock Online, advocates gathered in Austin Texas to make sure that their voices were heard and message was not ignored. The results? One of the leaders, Lex Frieden, was warmly invited to share his experience and viewpoint on a panel about social justice.

San Francisco’s BART system in question: Home of the Golden Gate Bridge and numerous technology companies, San Francisco has always been praised as being a forward-thinking metropolitan. However, its popular BART transport system’s  latest model for the train’s cars is currently under fire for not being accessible for individuals who need it the most, individuals with disability. The “Fleet of the Future” features a pole down the center of the aisle that could make it hard for wheelchairs to access much of the train. Legally, the train is in adherence to the required distance between the pole and car doors (as stated by the American with Disability Acts), but members of the community are still vocalizing their dismay. Click here to read more.

Gaming technology improves month: Virtual technology doesn’t only provide hours of entertainment to players, but it can speed up the improvement of stroke victims. Games that utilize balance, like soccer goalkeeping and snowboarding, encourage the participants to maintain balance and continuously shift weight. Studies showed that stroke victims that regularly participated in such virtual activities were able to walk easier/longer than people who did not. For more information, click here.