Beating the Odds: How to Strengthen Your Fibromyalgia Case

Beating the Odds: How to Strengthen Your Fibromyalgia Social Security Disability Case

By Disability Group

What is Fibromyalgia (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)?

Muscle fatigue, joint fatigue, bone fatigue and a wide range of other symptoms characterize Fibromyalgia. This disorder can be caused from multiple varying sources, from physical inflammation to psychiatric induced physical symptoms. Fibromyalgia is considered the “diagnosis of exclusion,” meaning it is the diagnosis given once the doctor has failed to figure out the exact cause of your pain and has ruled out all suspected sources.

Why are Fibromyalgia cases the most difficult to win?

There is not an objective test, no MRI, X-ray, or blood test, which will prove you have Fibromyalgia. It is this lack of objective testing data that makes Fibromyalgia cases the most difficult to win. Social Security Administration regulations require that the judge base their decision on facts within the medical record. A typical Fibromyalgia case includes medical records, which rule out other possible diseases but no test that confirms Fibromyalgia’s existence.

Why is it important you know about Social Security Regulation 99-2b?

Social Security Regulation 99-2b requires all judges to consider your subjective experience of pain before rendering a decision. Failure to do so may result in a cause for appeal.

Why is it important to have your doctor conduct a “trigger points” test?

The trigger points test has been used to confirm a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. If you have a certain number of these trigger points, a diagnosis can be made. This test is gaining popularity with Social Security medical experts. It is the closest thing to an objective test proving the existence of Fibromyalgia.

What can you do to help win your case?

  • Get an experienced Social Security attorney early to help guide you with your disability benefits pursuit.
  • Have a trigger points test done.
  • Request your medical records and make sure your doctor is documenting your pain complaints consistently.
  •  Obtain statements from your doctors that confirm your diagnosis and describe how your condition limits your ability to perform on the job.

Although Fibromyalgia cases are amongst the hardest to prove, hope remains as medical professionals continue to research the disorder and learn of its causes.