• We handle new applications, appeals and hearings for you
  • You don't pay unless you win
  • You take care of your health and we take care of the rest

Why The Disability Group Is Different

  • There are no upfront, hidden costs
  • You only pay if we win your case
  • Our clients are represented by licensed attorneys
  • We are premier, nationally-recognized legal experts
  • We significantly increase your chances of securing benefits

Who We Are

Facing a disabling condition can be challenging both physically and psychologically. Struggling with a degenerative illness, a newly-identified sickness, a grave injury, or any other kind of disability can be painful for both the person affected as well as their loved ones. In addition to your health concerns, you are confronted with rising medical bills, managing responsibilities to your family, and meeting your other financial obligations with a lack of income or resources.

Disability Group is dedicated to serving the needs of the disabled as the second largest advocacy group in the nation. With locations nationwide, we serve clients' Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income needs in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and all U.S. territories. We offer expert legal representation for Social Security Disability Claims in all markets – from Sacramento to Miami and from Phoenix to Hartford.

Our sole purpose is to ensure that those that are suffering from any disabling condition are able to secure the benefits they deserve and enjoy a fulfilling, rewarding life. Enduring a debilitating medical or psychological condition can create daily challenges that seem overwhelming. We never forget that all of our clients are human beings with significant medical problems and we remain committed to serving each of our clients with dignity and respect.

What We Believe

We are a team of Social Security Disability lawyers, attorneys and professional staff members that believe it is wrong that disabled people are forced into homelessness. We believe it is wrong that those who fall ill due to injury or disease are denied health care because they have no money to pay for it. We believe it is wrong for children to go hungry because their parent is sick. We believe it is our obligations as Americans, and as human beings, to do our best to avoid the injustice of disability.

What We Do

Our experienced Social Security Disability Lawyers guide you through every phase of the application and appeals process to ensure you receive the full amount of the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve. During this time of physical, emotional and financial turmoil, we will partner with you to ensure that you are well-prepared for your case. Preparation is critical to getting a claim approved quickly. We will be sure that all required forms and supporting documents are completed meticulously and that you get the treatment you need for your condition.

There is no need to leave home or wait in long lines at government offices.  Our team of expert social security attorneys and professional staff members will handle all aspects of your social security disability benefits claims: file initial paperwork, request reconsideration of denied social security benefits claims, file appeals, gather medical records. And, we do this work at no cost! Remember, we don't get paid until you do. Statistics show that 60% of Social Security Disability Benefits claims filed without consulting a social security lawyer are declined. As the Social Security Administration's rules and regulations grow increasingly strict to prevent fraudulent social security disability benefits claims, legitimate social security disability applications can be denied due to a minor clerical error. You need to consult with social security attorneys experienced in intricate requirements and successfully navigating through bureaucratic red tape.

Contact us at: (800) 248-1100 for questions about social security benefits nationwide! Consultations with our experienced social security lawyers are free!

How We Help

In winning a social security disability claim, it is not so much the opinion that one is "disabled" that matters. In fact, such an opinion doesn't hold much importance in winning a social security disability claim. What matters most is the assessment of what a claimant is still able to do, and not able to do.

Social security examiners, doctors, medical experts or your physicians can provide an "residual functional capacity" assessment. Which means that these experts what you can still do, despite your limitations. This is the stage of the process when it is most important to have legal representation!

One of the major benefits of representation is apparent when determining residual functional capacity for a claimant. Attorneys, like Disability Group lawyers, can provide your treating doctors with detailed forms that ask the right questions to provide a meaningful assessment. After all, judges are no doctors. You may have two degenerated discs in your back, or cardiac problems or affective disorder. But, does it necessarily mean that with treatment, you cannot work at all?

Medical impairment must be translated into functional capacity. So, for example, the forms Disability Group provide are meant to obtain a treating physician's assessment of ability to perform exertional activities, as well as make assessments of non-exertional impairments that affect ability to perform sustained work.

It is important that you have a careful strategy when proceeding through the application and appeals process, and this is also a reason why many choose to seek representation. When you partner with Disability Group, we're able to provide our expertise in ensuring that you win the benefits that you are entitled to through social security disability!

Why Trust The Disability Group?

"I was pleasantly surprised that my claim was approved in such a short time. I had heard all the horror stories of claims being denied and people waiting months for a hearing. Thank you for your help, I would certainly recommend your firm to others." - Harlan B. from KY "I would like to take this time to thank you for all of your help! I could have not done this without you. I think everything was handled very well and as fast as possible. I would recommend your group to anyone that needs help." - Dennis T. from MI "I want to thank you for all the hard work ya'll did for me. We were really about to go under, but thanks to ya'll we are going to be ok! Again, I want to thank you for everything ya'll did and for being so nice at a difficult time" - Alfred P. from AL
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